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Casey's Gusto  #P1735

Sire: Casey's Cowboy  #F-1224
Dam: Dixie Dawn Delight #F-1229

This colt is really put together! We are going to keep him for a little while as he might be our next stallion prospect!

Ebony Diamond

Ebony Diamond #F-1811

Sire: Diamond J Star #QH-3709151
Dam: Assets Ace of Spades
BHA #F-1572

Great stallion prospect. First foal in our out-crossing program and what a first he is.

Doc Ben Casey

Doc Ben Casey  #P1728

Sire: Casey's Cowboy  #F-1224
Dam: Barbettes Cutie (QH# 2290832)
Ben is everything we could ask for in our breeding program! With Cowboy on the top side and this great cow-horse line of Quarter horses on the bottom side of his pedigree we can't go wrong! Ben has all of Cowboy's personality, color and athleticism. All of that is just enhanced by his dam.

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Monty `07   
Monty Walsh McGee  #P1734

Sire: Straight Shot McGee #F-883
Dam: Casey's Grulla  #F-428

This is one of the most exciting colts produced by McGee! He is pure class and athleticism! Great stallion prospect!

DJ 7-29a

Casey's Diamond Jim  #F-1812

Sire: Diamond J Star #QH-3709151
Dam: Casey's Grulla  #F-428

This colt is generating huge excitement! He epitomizes the best of both breeds. Can't wait to get him started under saddle!

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