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Jeremiah Johnson - by Straight Shot McGee, just having some fun with mom!

       This past year has flown by!  I didn't realize that it was time to update everyone on a year's worth of events until Diane Robson, manager of Red Top Stables in Post Falls, Idaho, mentioned that all we had was old news!  Red Top Stables has been an even larger success than we had ever imagined.  Diane has done an excellent job of caring for the business, horses, and the customers for us.  Thanks, Diane!  The stable currently has stalls for roughly 50 horses and we are just now finishing up some projects such as installing 15 new Nelson waterers, re-building some stalls and runs in the Win Barn, and resurfacing the runs in the Heartbreak Hotel (stallion barn).  The facility has an indoor arena (horse-heated, 60 x 156), an out-door arena, many turn-out areas, showers (for both horses and humans!), laundry available for horse blankets, rider lounge and much more!  Feel free to Call Diane at 208-819-4607 for any openings.  
       As I already mentioned in the History page, the formation of the American Blazer Horse Association has been and exciting accomplishment.  All of the original nine Board of Directors, and the new board elected by the membership in October 2007, have had the best interests of the Blazer Horse and the best interests of the members firmly in their hearts and minds.  Continue to watch the events unfold as the Board of Directors works diligently for the ABHA.  Feel free to look up the ABHA at  
       Lou and I have determined that our operation should not be any larger than about thirty horses or so.  With that in mind we curtailed our 2007 foals to only three.  However, what a great three!  These foals are by a great Quarter horse stallion named Diamond J Star.  We are very grateful to Judy Seible for allowing us to cross our best Blazer mares with this great stallion.  The ABHA is still an open registry which allows for out-crossing so long as the resulting offspring can still meet the Blazer criteria.  These three babies, two stud colts and one filly, will have to go through the same inspection process as any other Blazer at two to five years of age.  We have great hopes that they will be suitable additions to the ABHA.  Our little Blazer herd has grown some in the past few years.  We have produced 31 Blazer foals since we have started our breeding operation.  Straight Shot McGee has sired 16, Casey's Cowboy has sired 7, Diamond J Star has sired 3, and we have had one each from the following Blazer stallions: Crooked River, Blaze's Asset, Sleepy's BB, Rambo Santana, and Streak of Gold.  With the input from all of these wonderful stallions and our foundation mares we have developed an outstanding band of 18 broodmares.  
       The 2007 show year was very rewarding.  Gary Stark exhibited Cinco De Mayo McGee in the NRCHA and the GSSHA in the hackamore.  Cinco and Gary took second for the year in the GSSHA series of four shows, and Cinco became the first NRCHA money earner (as far as we know!) ever in the Blazer breed!  Corinne Elser of Burns, OR rode Grande Dias McGee in the GSSHA, earning first place in her class for the year in a series of four shows.  Corinne and Grande also won the reining series for the Great Basin Saddle Club for the 2007 season in Burns!  Not too bad for a couple of McGee daughters!  
       Our life with these Blazer horses has been, and I know will continue to be, extremely fulfilling.  As I have stated before, we never set out to raise and promote this wonderful breed of horses.  Sometimes I have to just shake my head at how we arrived at where our life is today, with this very involved life with Blazer horses.  We would not change one aspect of it and would love to offer the same opportunities to all of you!   Take Care and God Bless! Lou and Donna

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Hello to all horse enthusiasts from Red Top Blazers!

Charm         Jeramiah Johnson
Cowboy's first - Casey's
Charm, and I for one (web
author) could not be more
pleased. What a cutie!! 

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Hello to all horse enthusiasts from Red Top Blazers!

Cinco-Outside cow

Jake Telford and Cinco are once again - engaging in their favorite sport - COWS!!

Deanna Wirz and Cowboy on Gaming day. Nice Job !!!

Cinco - Arena

Cowboy's refined new grace - What a class act!!

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